Episode 003 | February 26, 2016

Side Affects Episode 3: Telemedicine Needs To Be Part Of Your Benefits

In This Episode

Healthcare continues to evolve, and the way in which we interact with health care providers is changing with it. With an expected growth rate of 27.5% in the U.S. over the next four years, telehealth is quickly becoming a must-have component of any employee benefit program.

And for good reason!

Telehealth has been proven to come packed with a variety of benefits for both employers and employees. This episode takes a look at those benefits and why telehealth needs to be part of your benefits program.

Behind the Scenes at McGohan Brabender

Telemedicine room designated for mcgohan brabender employees

Because studies show that most individuals call a virtual doctor during work hours, McGohan Brabender built a virtual office. This virtual space allows all employees a private space where they can speak to a virtual doctor when needed.

Not only has this space been convenient for McGohan Brabender employees when it comes to accessing health care, but the cost for this investment was less than one-thousand dollars.

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