Episode 050 | January 4, 2018

Side Affects Episode 50: A Primary Partnership

In This Episode

Primary care is garnering respect and generating results, thanks to a rise in health care consumerism and value-based reimbursement models.

In today’s episode of Side Affects, Susan Becker of Providence Medical Group joins Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton.

About Our Guest

Susan Becker

Susan has known the importance of primary care since she helped found Providence Medical Group in 2002. When primary care physicians and patients form a partnership, it’s not just about treating people when they’re sick; it’s about maintaining and improving health.

Susan shares with Scott and Anne Marie that Providence’s team approach means patients have greater access to care and follow up, as well as experts to help them navigate the entire system, including the claims process. And employers should take note: Primary care relationships translate to savings of $18 per member per month, and patients report a higher quality of life. Click to tweet.

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