Episode 008 | April 11, 2016

Side Affects Episode 8: Every Company Has A Culture

In This Episode

Many clients and employers we talk with believe they do not need or have a culture.

We disagree.

At McGohan Brabender, we believe every company has a culture, whether they like it or not. Culture isn’t just a quality companies share, but as studies show, it impacts the productivity and future success of the organization.

As this episode explores, the culture a company creates is what your current and future employees along with your clients buy in to.

About Our Guest

Tom Reubens

Tom Reubens is a business coach, entrepreneur, and expert in leadership. He is the founder of the Accountability Factor where he is able to help leaders cultivate healthier company cultures. You can learn more about Reubens at www.theaccountabilityfactor.com

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