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The 4 Mental Health Solution Buckets

Episode #116



On this episode of “Side Affects,” co-hosts Kenzie McEvily and Dave Homan sit down with special guest Tiffany Kuck to discuss mental health services in the post-pandemic work environment. As McGohan Brabender’s Population Health Manager, Tiffany explains that the topic of mental health can be overwhelming for some employers; however, if they continue to support their employees with their mental health needs and simplify the options available to them, employers can help build a stronger mental health system in the workplace. Listen in as Tiffany discusses the four mental health solution buckets that can help employers and employees understand what resources are available to them.

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About Our Guest

Tiffany Kuck

Tiffany Kuck is a dynamic communicator who specializes in health and wellness. She’s a mentor, coach and is known for enhancing team and company cultures. For the past nine years, she has proudly served as McGohan Brabender's Population Health Manager and engagement specialist. She helps clients change their approach to health benefits by taking control of rising costs and chronic disease. Whether it’s implementing on-site biometric screenings, introducing fitness challenges or coordinating office-wide flu shots, Tiffany teaches the importance of empowering healthier living. Tiffany studied at the University of Kentucky and had an impressive career with Disney Cruises and Radio Disney before joining the MB family.

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