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Who’s Really on Drugs?

Episode #44


A vast majority of Americans would agree that prescription drug prices are out of control. In fact, the cost of prescription drugs are rising at a faster pace than inflation (Source). And with the election season fast approaching, Ohio residents will have the opportunity to address the future of prescription drug prices in the state with their votes. In November, the Ohio Drug Price Relief Act will be making its way onto the Ohio ballot. Although it remains to be seen whether the act will pass or fail, the end results are guaranteed to have a major impact on the future of healthcare in Ohio. A recent poll by three television stations showed that the majority of voters are unclear about Issue 2 (Source). In this episode of Side Affects, Scott McGohan and Anne Marie Singleton are joined by McGohan Brabender employees, Michael Orr and Adam Griffith. Together, the four take a deeper dive into Issue 2 and discuss the potential ramifications this bill will create.

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