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Scott welcomes guest Brenda Motheral, owner of Epiphany Rx, a pharmacy benefits manager based in Nashville, Tenn. She and other former PBM executives formed Epiphany after saw how their industry was profiting through a massive cost shift. And the cost-shift was taking place in complete secrecy. Scott and Brenda talk about how PBMs were intended to serve their clients; how they instead serve themselves in a quest for greater and greater profits; and what Epiphany is doing to put the client’s needs first.  For one thing, she says, Epiphany is committed to transparency, and makes 100 percent of its revenue from client fees — not from rebates, spread, or discounts.

About Our Guest

Brenda Motheral

Brenda Motheral, RPh, MBA, PhD CEO EpiphanyRx Brenda Motheral leads EpiphanyRx, a transparent PBM that offers next generation management solutions that span the pharmacy and medical. Dr. Motheral brings more than 20 years of pharmacy benefit management, product development, and analytics experience to the role.  Prior to founding EpiphanyRx, Dr. Motheral served as the President of Artemetrx, which she founded to provide comprehensive specialty drug consulting for plan sponsors.  Previously, Brenda was the Senior Vice President of Product and Research at Express Scripts and served as a company officer on the executive team.  Among many initiatives during her 12-year tenure, Dr. Motheral launched the Medicare Part D program for Express Scripts and led development of the Drug Trend Report and annual client outcomes conference. Currently, Dr. Motheral also serves as CEO of Archimedes, a specialty drug management company that provides analytics, technology, and service solutions for specialty drugs to various market segments.  Dr. Motheral has authored numerous seminal industry reports and has published more than 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts on pharmacy benefit management.  She has received national research awards from the Academy for Managed Care Pharmacy and the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. Dr. Motheral holds a PhD focused in Health Economics from The University of South Carolina, a Master of Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from The University of Kentucky.

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