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We all know that prescription drug prices are costing us a lot of money. One Ohio company is doing something about it. 46brooklyn was created to obtain, analyze and release data on pharmaceutical pricing. Co-founder Eric Pachman’s experience in retail pharmacy management showed him something was fundamentally flawed in prescription drug supply chain. At the same time, Antonio Ciaccia was advocating for drug price transparency for the Ohio Pharmacists Association. The two joined forces, and 46brooklyn was born. Join Scott McGohan for a revealing conversation on how data holds the key to controlling drug costs.

About Our Guest

Eric Pachman

Eric Pachman is the founder and a consultant of drug pricing analytics at 46brooklyn LLC. Our country's prescription supply chain is sick. At 46brooklyn, we believe the cure starts with a healthy dose of data and transparency. Our mission is to remedy our nation's drug pricing illness by first spreading data-driven awareness of the system's problems. We clean-up and join together the ample public data sources on drug pricing. We build visualizations to more efficiently ask questions and get answers from our data. We publish thought-provoking research. And we provide consulting services to those companies that share our mission of improving drug pricing transparency.

Antonio Ciaccia

Antonio Ciaccia has been the Director of Government & Public Affairs at Ohio Pharmacists Association for the past 8 years. Antonio graduated from The Ohio State University in 2007 and is an advocate for open access, transparency, competitive markets and patient-centered care.  

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