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What is spread pricing and why should you care?

Episode #63



Scott and Anne Marie welcome back Eric Pachman, a consultant and drug pricing analyst with 46Brooklyn. 46Brooklyn is committed to bringing transparency to your prescription transactions, and today Eric talks about spread: the gap between the amount the pharmacy receives for the drug vs. what the payer paid. It should be a simple transaction fee; but because of secretive contracts that bear no correlation to the actual price of the drug, middlemen are raking in profit at the expense of employers.


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Eric Pachman

Eric Pachman is the founder and a consultant of drug pricing analytics at 46brooklyn LLC. Our country's prescription supply chain is sick. At 46brooklyn, we believe the cure starts with a healthy dose of data and transparency. Our mission is to remedy our nation's drug pricing illness by first spreading data-driven awareness of the system's problems. We clean-up and join together the ample public data sources on drug pricing. We build visualizations to more efficiently ask questions and get answers from our data. We publish thought-provoking research. And we provide consulting services to those companies that share our mission of improving drug pricing transparency.

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