Kimberly Hayes of Public Health Alert is a guest contributor covering the topic of self-care and wellness. Self-care is a term you hear often, but you might not be entirely sure what it means. Put simply, it is about treating yourself well and putting your needs first. However, it’s also about knowing when your cup is running low and making an effort to replenish your resources. We all know what it’s like to run on empty, but
My Employer’s Benefit Plan Requirement Probably Saved My Life There are three things I was taught you never talk about on LinkedIn – religion, politics, and colorectal screenings. Ok, maybe not the third. If you think about it, how many new business relationships begin with a drink over MiraLAX or comparing pictures from the procedure like it’s your child’s dance recital picture? Still, I feel compelled to share my story with my LinkedIn family because

Ohio Public Employee Retirees are about to be cut…

Posted by Jeanne Boozell on  February 10, 2020

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…and cut deep.  In 2022, to keep the health insurance funds afloat, the OPERS board has decided to make necessary cuts to its employees and current retirees. The percentage of decrease will depend on the number of years employed as well as their status with Medicare. Those retirees who are not eligible will have their health care coverage eliminated entirely. The board, however, has decided to provide an undetermined amount to shop the individual market
President Trumps’ recent proposal to allow legal purchasing of certain medications from Canada has everyone in a stir. Trump is the first president to have the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Health and Human Services (HHS) with medical drug importation from our northern neighbors. It is reported that President Trump forgot to ask the Canadian drug manufacturers if they would be willing to play along with this opportunity for those

Six Tips to Bust Holiday Stress

Posted by Jeanne Boozell on  November 25, 2019

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Well, everyone plans on having happy holidays, but the holidays can also bring on a great deal of stress. We would like to remind you of some easy steps to bust the holiday stress triggers or even avoid them entirely. Let’s get started: You should keep a realistic budget — both time and money. Don’t overextend your social demands, and remember it isn’t the size of the gift, but the thought behind it. Plan ahead